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•  How to Practice Self-Care through Writing

•  Exploring 4 Endangered Languages of India
    In this co-authored blog, I did research and wrote the background. 

•  Eight Women Writers Who Were Written Out of History

    In this co-authored blog, I wrote about the following writers: 
    Murasaki Shikibu, Ann Radcliffe, Kamini Roy, and Lorraine Hansberry.

•  It's All Greek To Me: 10 Greek-Derived English Words

•  Ten Everyday Words Sourced from Sanskrit

•  Four Must Read Dark Whimsy Books

•  Etymology of Everyday Words


•  Five Well-Known Paintings and their Lesser-Known Origins 

•  The Best Dog Friendly Hotel in the US (The Mother Overload)

•  A 2021 Return to Ka Wa'a - Disney Luau Review (The Mother Overload)

•  10 Reasons to Visit Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa 2021 (The Mother Overload)

The majority of my editing work thus far has been college admission essays and
clients' internal documents (e.g. interview transcripts, corporate proposals, and guides). 

Elpro International School

EIS is the number one CBSE school in Pune.​ I write educational blogs about life skills for middle to high school students.

•  Ten Timeless Skills in Time Management

•  Three Strategies to Tackle Tardiness

•  Embracing Emotional Maturity

•  Decoding the Art of De-stressing

•  Decision Making 101  

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