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Aradhita Saraf

Founder, Weloquent

Aakanksha is a diligent worker. She is very particular about researching and fact-checking her content before it is published. In addition to writing blog posts for Weloquent and our clients, she has also edited and mentored students with their college applications, and line-edited and proofread long-form documents.
Her extensive academic and work experience in the USA and in India allows her to create content that caters to a global audience. Her contribution to our platform and our clients is unparalleled.
Her keen eye for detail and desire to improve makes her a delight to work with and an asset to any team. 

Adam Strom

Director, Re-Imagining Migration

Aakanksha was a dedicated employee and a pleasure to work with. After coming on staff, she led the production of our social media and communications efforts. A strong writer, she built and maintained our social media schedule, developed weekly and monthly content plans, wrote blog posts, and developed a brand identity communications handbook to document our brand identity. Her efforts were essential to our organizational growth.

Lindsay Verge

Co-founder of Media Matinee

Aakanksha’s professionalism, skill, adaptability, and unique voice make her invaluable as a writer and teammate. She is easy to work with in a collaborative setting, as she and I often brainstorm and develop posts together, as well as provide feedback and edits on our individual pieces. She has a knack for writing about TV and film, and utilizes her personal experiences, opinions, and knowledge to create relatable, engaging content. She can write pieces that are analytical and detailed or short and lighthearted, and always knows how to address the proper audience while keeping a consistent voice. These abilities are transferable to other topics outside of media writing as well. 

In addition to her writing and editing work, Aakanksha creates all of the social media content for Media Matinee, including graphics, and leads campaigns across multiple platforms. Her eye for detail and design really shines in this work. She is a clear and patient teacher, and shares her knowledge with me so that I may have a better understanding of social media implementation. I in turn give her the latest updates on SEO, and she is always receptive and eager to implement changes. 

Without a doubt, I recommend Aakanksha as a writer, editor, and social media manager. Her stellar communication skills, ability to create quality content, and team mentality will add value to any organization that she is a part of. 

Mridul B

High school student

I have been working with Aakanksha for the past month, and the experience has been phenomenal. The editing for my recipe book was done on Google Docs and each correction was mentioned with side notes on why something has been deleted or added. The editing style is also very professional, using the right punctuation and giving me tips on how to better my writing. The response is also very quick, which makes working with her quite easy and nice. Each question is answered and the work is prolific.

Saumya Joshi

Aspiring lawyer

I’ve known Aakanksha since we were teenagers and I can very proudly say that she’s been my personal editor for years now. From college essays, to cover letters, to law school applications, her efforts to polish my work have always paid off. She does an excellent job at accommodating one's needs and maintaining the essence of their work. Aakanksha has vast experience in editing and proofreading, professionally at Weloquent and through other opportunities. Moreover, she takes keen interest in perfecting and producing superior quality work. Her passion to help others excel in their writing is exceptional. It has been a pleasure to witness her growth and she has been of pivotal help in my professional and academic career. With her rigor and ability to understand the needs of her client, her level of efficiency is unmatched.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone and everyone. You’re in great hands! 

Aakash T

High school senior

I approached Aakanksha to help me envision and edit my Statement of Purpose for college applications. I was surprised to see how she guided me to think for myself and articulate my journey effectively. Considering my applications have been accepted at all the colleges I have applied to so far, I believe she is one of the best mentors and editors anyone can have.
I truly believe Aakanksha has the unique ability to inspire and motivate others.

Jodi Burrel

Associate Director at the Writing and Academic Resource Center, Emerson College

I hired Aakanksha to assist me with Emerson College’s Peer Tutoring Program from September 2017- May 2018, and I have been her supervisor in that role. One of the things I most admire about Aakanksha is her creativity. When I asked her to help streamline our e-mail communication and data collection systems, she exceeded my expectations with her creative ideas and computer skills. Using her deep understanding of the power of visual content, Aakanksha also upgraded many of my educational and training materials. But more than anything, she has been a true colleague—not only a sounding board and co-brainstormer, but also someone I could trust to get the job done. I will truly miss Aakanksha’s cheerful and warm presence here, but I’m excited to see what she’ll do next!
I have no doubt that she’ll continue to shine in work that she’s passionate about.

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