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Portage & Main Press/HighWater Press

Editorial Intern

In November 2021, I started my internship at PMP/HWP to learn more about the publishing industry in Canada and about Indigenous literature.

I do the following tasks:

❖  Assess incoming manuscript submissions by Indigenous authors.
❖  Write, edit, and proofread marketing copy.
❖  Create and manage two marketing databases. 
❖  Proofread manuscripts and graphic novels. 
❖  Copyedit teacher guides. 

Freelancing, Volunteer Work, & Relevant Activities

❖  Student Affiliate, Editors Canada

❖  Member, Editors Canada Standards Committee

❖  Staff Writer, Write Through the Night (my focus is literature and occasionally, TV)
❖  Creative Nonfiction/Fiction editor, levatio magazine

❖  Prose Editor, The Jupiter Review

❖  Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) reviewer, NetGalley and Goodreads 

❖  Founder, local book club 


Freelance Editor and Writer

I research, write, edit and proofread at Weloquent, a writing consulting and content creation agency based in Kolkata, India. My work covers the following topics:


❖  Language

❖  History

❖  Culture

❖  Food

❖  Film & TV

❖  Wellness

❖  Tourism

Film Criticism

Freelance Writer 

Media Matinee

From June 2020 to February 2021, I co-ran Media Matinee, a collaborative passion project. We published reviews, analyses, and lists focused on film and TV. 

To grow my experience in film criticism, I have also been exploring other avenues online.
I am published on the websites MovieFail and High on Films, and I hope to write for more websites in the future. 

Re-Imagining Migration

Program Coordinator

During my time at Re-Imagining Migration, I wrote educational resources and blogs, and conducted interviews with educators. My writing was focused on migration, education, news, identity, culture, and related topics. I managed our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, including creating campaigns and accompanying graphics. I also edited, proofread, and provided logistical support.

Community Storytelling Guide: Best Practices to Convey Stories About Migration - M.A. Thesis

Researcher & Writer 
Designed by Shikha Vats

Community Storytelling Guide is a resource to support those who are working on storytelling projects about migration, particularly working with immigrants, refugees and migrants. This guide strives to help by covering the following topics: building awareness of the present sociopolitical context, messaging and framing, doing outreach and working with communities, and lastly, providing general interview guidelines as well as considerations for digital media engagement.


This guide’s objective is to be socially inclusive and to minimize risks for those willing to share their stories. Follow the link below to read the guide.

Research & Creation:

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