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Media Matinee

Media Matinee

Halloween Movies and TV Shows for Every Audience

by Lindsay & Aakanksha

Whether you're in the mood to watch something that’ll make your blood curdle, or maybe a spooky story to make you laugh — 

we’ve got it all in this list!


6 Essential Film & TV Soundtracks

by Aakanksha Gupta

I reflected on the role of soundtracks in film and TV and their importance in my life. I explore six of my all-time favorites, which you can read about in the link below. 

Do share your favorites on the original post!


A Love Letter to Tom Hanks

by Lindsay & Aakanksha

Tom Hanks is one of the finest, most versatile actors out there. In celebration of his birthday earlier this month, we compiled reviews of our favorite wholesome Tom Hanks films. Read the full post below.


Remembering Robin Williams

by Aakanksha Gupta

Robin Williams was a prolific actor and an exuberant comedian. I admire his range of performances, a few of which I paid tribute to by revisiting my favorite films.


Rest in peace, Robin. 


Watch ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’
for its heart

by Aakanksha Gupta

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020), is a story about an Icelandic pop duo. This slapstick film stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as the eccentric Fire Saga. You can read my review below.


Drive It Like You Stole It:
‘Sing Street’ Takes on Imagination, Growing Up, and Family

by Aakanksha Gupta

Lindsay and I have been thinking about our Ireland trip that couldn't happen this year. Until it is safe enough to travel, we're making our way through a growing list of Irish films to fill the void. I wrote about my favorite, Sing Street (2016), a musical coming-of-age film.


Dark Whimsy: The Genre of Eternal Autumn

by Lindsay and Aakanksha

Do you ever wish it was autumn year-round? When it’s not cold enough for cider and sweaters, you’ll find us in the mood for dark whimsy: stories that are spooky and light-hearted. Read to learn more!

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